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Hades - Alexandra Adornetto http://fiction-freak.blogspot.com/2012/01/hades-by-alexandra-adornetto.html

As the sequel toNew York Time's Bestseller, Halo, this book exceed ed all expectations. At only 18, Alexandra has blown away all readers around the world with Halo and continues to do that with Hades, and later on in Heaven, the third (and maybe final) book in the halo series.

In the first book, Bethany Church, an angel, falls in love with Xavier which isn't good to put it bluntly. Jake Thorn, a Prince or Hell, arrives and tries to woo Bethany into his arms and instead gets banished by her brother Gabriel. Ms. Adornetto could've done so many things in Hades, so many different roads to take this story, but this was one I didn't expect. not until I read the blurb that is.

Different from so many paranormal stories, Bethany and her siblings, Ivy abd Gabriel, aren't fallen angels, or Nephilim, but angels straight from up above. This fact itself makes it original (I used to think that angels with halos and giant wings were pretty stupid. Now? Tch. AS IF!) , but Hades makes this tale a legend in the book world. An angel kidnapped by a lovesick demon, and brought to hell. WHO has ever done that before? It's deliciously original.

I loved Bethany. She was weaker than Kaniss, Juliette, Meghan, Nora, all of them. But really, you have to expect that. She's an angel. She isn't that used to the "evils of the world" that we see every day. But the fact that she was one step away from killing herself for just one glimpse of Xavier really did piss me off. I'm all for romance. But desperation for one look? No. Just no.

I loved the description of Hell because it's so much more complex (wait...don't smite me God!) and interesting than a giant lake of lave like so many people imagine. Everyone loves a little flash from the past, so when a certain ghost shows up and gives us a new insight of life, we're all happy!

Alexandra Adornetto somehow adds moral with a romantic fantasy at a young age and inspires so many of us young writers that we can get published too!