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Stolen: A Letter to My Captor - Lucy Christopher http://fiction-freak.blogspot.com/2011/12/stolen-by-lucy-christopher.html

I have to admit that even though the blurb was very...catching (funny use of word don't ya think?) it still took some time to convince myself to even start reading this book. Everyone who knows me knows I don't read that much realistic fiction except on Wattpad (a.k.a. Best Site in the WORLD!) unless it sounded good and had gotten high praise. This was one of those books, and yet, I was still reluctant to read it. Finally, I picked it up and started reading. How could I ever have thought it wouldn't be good?!

It takes much to touch me the way Stolen did. The only books that have done so so far are Delirium, Divergent, Across the Universe, etc. Really there've only been 5 total. Stolen, obviously, has no connections with them what with those books all being dystopia. And yet it still liked to a part of me. Miss Christopher writes this story beautifully in the form of a letter which not many try to accomplish. Even less people actually manage to succeed!

When Gemma is first stolen, she's scared of him, like any sane person would be! She doesn't trust him even though he hasn't hurt her nor r*** her. Interrupting this train of thought for a while, I just thought I'd say that though this is often classified as a romance novel, it focuses more on trust. How to find the strength to trust someone no matter what they've done to you. Back on topic, Gem tries to both kill herself, then tries to kill/harm Ty. Crazy, crazy girl. Not that I blame her from trying. And yet Ty doesn't get angry as much as one would think. Instead he's kind, caring. Showing her things he never showed anyone before. Although being in Australia in the desert with no civilizations miles round will do that. And even though SHE never fell in love with him till the end, I did. He was...despite his stalking (even if it is a big point) is everything you would want in a guy: sweet, caring, cute.

This review is going to be short or else we would be here all day with me spouting praises for this book! So long story short, this is one of the best books over, and you definitely need to read it!