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The Goddess Inheritance - Aimee Carter Is it possible to have a book blow away your expectations but be disappointing at the same time? Because The Goddess Inheritance was.

But let's work our way up. Why was it disappointing? Kate, Kate, Kate. She was such an annoying character in Goddess Inheritance. While I can understand her situation, she just wasn't the same fearless heroine we had in the last two books, though that may be because of Milo. But I just couldn't grasp how different and weak she was, how dependent she was, and that irritated me to no end. She was so...ugh. She always thought she could help with something, and ended up messing everything up. She thought she knew everything and then she knew nothing at all. She would be so angry at her friends then it turns out the reasons wasn't plausible. In short she was naive, irritating, useless, and weak. I wanted to throttle her so much. However...

I still loveloveloved how the original Greek gods could be portrayed in these modern people who know the going ons! Carter did a perfect job of transferring old fashioned stuffy gods into still stuffy modern people who represented their...realms? Well. The worldbuilding was wonderful guys! and we finally got to see Olympus and more of the Underworld! As creepy as it seems, I love seeing how an author writes the Underworld/afterlife. They're all completely different and completely filled with imagination!

Psh, as if this book could be slow in any way! There were barely any breaks between the action scenes or the ginormous twists or the sweet little baby scenes. So I say "as if!" to anyone who even suggests that the plot was disappointing and slow. It really wasn't. It really, really wasn't. I think that's all I can say! But don't worry, it's not done in a way that just throws information at you, promise!

What else, what else? Everything else was just so wonderful already. Except for the romance, which irritated me since this time around, I didn't really feel as if Kate deserved Henry. No, it has nothing to do with Henry himself! Him with the baby was too cute for words!