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The Loop - Shandy Lawson Well, this was a different, interesting, slightly awkward read. Good. But slightly awkward.

So, the beginning. The Loop immediately starts off with the action. Two pages in, you already knows what's going on, four pages he meets the love interest, and six pages in he's running away from a murder. I'd say that was pretty quick, but it definitely fit the story,

Right of the bat, Ben meets Steve who explains to him what a Loop is, a circle of time where something interrupts the "flow of time" as it would be, and he tells Ben that both he and Ben are stuck in two separate loops and that Ben's going to meet a girl named Maggie who's in his Loop...
He meets here just a couple of pages later. And what does she do? Tell him to run, shoots Roy (the guy who's killed them in each Loop), and disguises themselves. Next stop? Shreveport, the place we're fate pushes them, and the place where they die each Loop.

Interesting, right? I thought so too.

Everything I'd normally complain about, they had pretty good excuses. The romance, while definitely insta-love, couldn't really be labeled that because of the Loop. Ben and Maggie have met hundreds (thousands?) of times and while Ben doesn't remember all of it, he does remember some things, and I don't think feelings go away...So I can't complain on romance, except that it was weird. It was like they were only allies, then snap. They were in love.

The plot was, without a doubt, action packed. When you're trying to bend Fate, avoid destiny, kill your murderer, and fall in love all in two days, the book is going to have to be pretty rushed. Strangely, it wasn't really. I didn't even realize it was only two days until Maggie mentioned it and I was pretty surprised to remember that. All this stuff happens, and it doesn't seem possible that it only happens in two days--but it does. And honestly? I'm unsure whether that's a good thing, or a bad thing. But it seems like a good thing at the moment!

The only thing I have to complain about is that I sort of wish we could have a prologue or an introduction before we're thrown into the action. It was honestly sudden and REALLY surprising! And character development too, of course. Throughout the book, we don't really get to see the personality of Ben or Maggie. They were like emotionless puppets, I guess, just there to advance the story. I would've liked to see more into Ben and Maggie's past lives and maybe more on world building? Why them? What pulls these certain people into the Loop? How does one get out of a Loop? So many questions, so little answers!

There were a lot of unanswered questions for a standalone, so I was a bit disappointed in that area. the rest? LOVED. The premise was exciting, the plot was action packed, and so much more! Even with my iffiness, I'd still say give it a try!