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Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell This was such an interesting book, but it's definitely hard to write a review since I didn't really feel that strongly about it! Just a warning.

It's definitely different, but, I have to admit, it took me 3 times as long to finish this book than usual. It was a bit slow and took some time to get used to but as you continue to read, the more...invested, for lack of better words, you get. Suddenly you care about the characters and this kind of anticipation sets in where you know the shit will hit the fan (excuse the language), but you're still holding on to some small little hope that it won't and that the book will have a Happy Ever Ever Ever After (I did indeed feel the need to include two extra Evers.)

Since I was born near (No, I'm not giving the exact year) 2000, I couldn't really relate to all the bands mentioned nor am I a comic book fan, so I couldn't relate to that either. I'm guessing, though, that older readers will definitely love it and point out their favorite bands to their friends--hey, it's what I would do! Set in the 80's, it was a bit hard for me to relate to and there were a few things that may have perplexed me...*cough*

I did love the characters, especially Eleanor with her dry humor and witty comments! She made me laugh out loud so many times! and Park was definitely a complex character, but honestly? I couldn't really relate to either of them and they seemed so...different.
Also, I want to point out that even though my mom's Chinese, her English is bad, but not AS bad as Park's mom (Korean, Chinese, Asian.). Though it is close! So I definitely have to commend Rainbow for at least putting some dialect in there!

The romance is definitely something I have to comment on. It was so bittersweet and so adorable I just wanted to hug the two. I don't think YA has ever painted a more real of firsts: First kiss, first feeling, first love and the hardships that come with it. It's possibly the most realistic romance I've seen and in YA...well, it's hard. Don't get me wrong! I love the romances in other books (God knows I have hundred-tweet-wars over some of the guys in YA), but this is possibly the one real relationship, if that makes any sense!

I loved the issues that this book dealed with too. Okay, let me rephrase that: I love how...well, let's just say, it's the same deal with the romance. It's possibly the most real and most heartbreaking kind of family I've read about in a while and it made me want to gather up the broken pieces of this family and glue them together, even if I couldn't really relate. I don't think I can describe it better than that.

The thing about this book is that it doesn't really make a big impact, but it does leave an impression on the reader when you're finished. The ending was...wow. It's not something that usually happens in YA literature, I'll say that! And the ending definitely makes you tear up, just a little. It was such a bittersweet moment...but, oh! I can't say much, can I? You'll just have to read this yourself! I definitely recommend this for anyone who loves contemporaries and anyone who adores those sweet little romances, and someone who maybe wants something...different.

Also, awesome name Rainbow. Awesome name.