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Money Run - Jack Heath This was definitely an interesting read for me, considering I've never really read suspense or real thrillers. Psychological thrillers, sure. But the closest thing I've gotten was either Burnin Blue or Gallagher Girls--and those two were nowhere near as complex as this.

There were a lot of amusing things with this--plans within plans within plans. Hints disguised as casual conversation, and actions predicted half a year ago. Reading from Ash's POV was fun and reading about all her ingenious plans was definitely eye opening. She was so devilishly smart and could pretty much get herself out of every tight spot thrown at her. She was an incredible quick thinker and I have to hand it to Heath--he certainly knew what he was writing about! The plans were so amazingly complex and they made sure to inspect things from every angle to make sure that they wouldn't be going to jail anytime soon.

The stupidest mistake they could ever make and something I didn't understand. They went into this mission to find $200 million, but they had no clue what form it was in. For all they knew it could've been a giant statue, piles of cash, or really ANYTHING. Who would do that? If you can buy enough, anything could be worth $200 million. I found it completely idiotic that they were risking pretty much anything for this--and having no idea exactly what they were stealing.

Another problem I had--there were so many switching POVs, we never really got to fully meet the characters. We know that Ash and Benjamin are best friends, super close, and literally trust each other with their lives. We know they're both insanely intelligent, but beyond that, we don't really learn anything about them. And the same goes for pretty much all the characters. I guess it's just the result of switching third person POVs. But most of the characters we did see, no matter how briefly, annoyed me.

The plot was so amazing though! It's truly surprising how much Heath managed to fit into less than a day and still have it not seem rushed. There were so many twists that were seriously, SERIOUSLY, unpredictable, but saying that would be spoiling too much! I guess you'd have to find out yourself!

This was a light read that I fully enjoyed that! Assassins, heists, and a whole complicated bunch of plans create a fun book that ends up having a little moral lesson at the end. I may not have loved it, but it was definitely pretty hard to put down! *Read it in one sitting*

Also. Love Buckland. His character was definitely my favorite of the book.