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OCD Love Story - Corey Ann Haydu This was, in all honesty, very disappointing to me. I mean, it sounded amazing, but actually reading it...well, it fell flat.

Even though this is technically a YA book, I honestly don't feel as if many teens will enjoy this novel. It was...I'll be blunt: it was like reading an autobiography and I honestly don't enjoy those. I think my problem with this was the issues that are in this book. I have nothing against people with OCD, but I really don't enjoy reading about it. And...I really didn't think that was what this book would be about. I imagined something emotional and gritty, but this...I don't think it was quite what I was looking for.

Our main character, Bea, is a certified stalker. Of a guy who's 10 years older than her and married. She listens in on his therapy sessions and jots down the entire conversation in a notebook and pretty much drives to his apartment complex he shares with his wife. And stares at his window. She can't drive without driving back to make sure she hasn't run over someone and scared that she might stab someone. What? I absolutely LOATHED this idea. I'm not saying I hate people with this kind of problem...but reading this is really NOT my thing.

When the synopsis described Beck as "kinda-messed-up" I thought maybe a guy with some family issues. And that's true, in a sense. Beck is addicted to working out. As in, working out for 8 hours straight and OCD in the way that he washes his hands every time he touches someone and does everything in 8's. He washes his hands 8 times, he taps his fingers 8 times, he showers for 8 or 88 minutes, can't send a text without texting 8 times, etc. It was...honestly, ridiculous. But why 8? Well, I guess I won't spoil that right now.

So, yeah, the characters had their issues, but the characters didn't just seem real, they seemed like people who would, quite honestly, freak me out a bit. I feel so bad saying that, but she's a stalker!

Not only that, but this was so incredibly slow. There really weren't any giant twists or anything, and the only thing interesting that caught my attention was near the end and lasted about 5 pages before fizzling out. I can't really hate this book since this book didn't really evoke any strong feelings from me. I read it...and barely had any emotion, really.

Other than that, I can't really explain how much I didn't like this, but...you guys. It was bad. And it's possibly one of the worst books I've read, no matter how much I wish I didn't have to say that. I wouldn't recommend it at all, but then again, maybe I was just the wrong person to read it?