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Embrace - Cherie Colyer Main character, Madison, hates change. It took people away from her, it made everything worse. But she’s about to find out, that not all change is bad, though it’s always surprising. But when new boy, Isaac comes around, creepy/weird things are starting to happen.
(There may be spoilers ahead. Be warned.) This book has to be one of the best romantic fantasies I’ve read in a while that has classic fantasy in it, excluding the vampires and werewolves that have become so popular nowadays. It was a fun read that’s perfect for any rainy day! When I received this, I immediately started reading it and finished it within two hours! It’s an amazing story and has twists and turns almost everywhere you look.
It does have its clichés like the new, mysterious boy coming in, but something that is different is that instead of being part of the popular group or being cocky like in other books, Isaac is nice, friendly, and is immediate friends with Madison, although there is that attraction that’s looming above them. And quickly, it turns their friendship into something more. But you can already tell that from the blurb, can’t you? Anyways, the romance isn't a big part of he story which is great. Sometimes, when the everything just circles around the romance, it can get annoying. That's not he case here. there was enough romance to add some more drama, but not enough to make the book seem completely fake.
I have to admi, I fell or some tricks that were played in the story. I pointed fingers at someone who had (almost) nothing to do with what was going on and got a bit turned around again when I did the same thing. So, yeah, this is a pretty good book! Something hat kinda hit me was that Kevin (you'll find out who he is early in the book) doesn't seem like an important chaacter in the first half of the book, but then, all of a sudden he's a giant part of the plot. So, yeah. that's really it!