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The Annihilation of Foreverland - Tony Bertauski Four pages in, I was hooked. Why was Reed in the prison? Who was Reed? Who were all the other boys? Why six boys? These were the questions that started shooting around my head. My eyes were wide when I read the description of the cell. I could see all the scenes playing in my head, from the walls closing in to Mr. Smith’s leer (well, it didn’t say leer, but I could definitely see it). Everything was blurring, one memory overlapped the other. Some of those had to be fake, but which ones were real? Basically, Danny awakens only to be greeted by Mr. Jones who says that Danny had undergone treatment and that Danny was being sent to an all-boys’ camp. Danny, strangely, just goes along with it, not questioning anything. And when he tries to sort his memory? Disaster. He can’t get anything straight only getting hints from his mind which isn’t cooperating. Already, I could tell that this story was different than the others I’ve read.
I loved this story not only because of its unique plot, but also because of the dreams. Reed is resisting, but only because he has a dream (or memory?) of a girl telling him to “resist the needle”...so that they could be together. I’ve always loved stories where dreams have a significant part in the book. And obviously, there’s a bit of romance, so yay to Annihilation of Foreverland! The thing is, though, is that even though what the antagonists are doing is pretty psycho, they actually believe what they’re doing is right! So really, you can’t exactly blame them for their misconception. Well, until later on, that is.
Some strange things definitely happen…and some awkward things. But there aren’t many of those, so it’s all good. Of course, some things definitely creeped me out a bit, made me wince, but if an author can do that, you know it’s good. The process of going to Foreverland, and being explained what Foreverland was…well, just go back to the first page of the story, and you can guess who the Director is. And speaking of that…you also get some hint of who the red-haired girl is, and where Reed came from. I’ve always loved figuring out a book’s plot, but in the annihilation of Foreverland, it could go either way really.
I loved loved loved this book! I am so happy that I entered this Read to Review and got a chance tor ead this amazing book. There was the anticipation, the determination, the curiosity, the romance, the great protagonists…all those add up to one of the greatest books. I can almost safely say, that this book will leave you speechless! It definitely did for me.