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Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter http://fiction-freak.blogspot.com/2012/02/goddess-interrupted-by-aimee-carter.html

i got this book from the publisher, thanks to NetGalley, and I am proud to say that Goddess Interrupted was my very first eARC! I had just finished Goddess Test the day I recieved this so the timing was great. Anyhow, on with the review:

As the 2nd book to Goddess Testm many of us readers had high expectations for Goddess interrupted, and I am pleased to say it did not dissapoint. Back from her summer in Greece with James, Kate is expecting Henry to welcome her back with the love she's not so sure is there. But Henry seems distracted, cold, and distant. Soon, Kate starts to doubt his love for her, and with that doubt comes her insecurity. After all, no matter where she goes, she feels like she's second-best in everything, reminded of Persephone, Henry's first wife, wherever she goes. To make matters worse, her coronation ceremony is interrupted by a creature so powerful, it is one of the only things able to kill the gods. And who but Calliope can be in charge of this plan? When Henry gets kidnapped, Kate is willing to do anything to save him, even if it means losing him. Oh, Kate...

Just by reading the prolouge, I felt shaken and worried for everyone in the book. The beginning just hooked you in, making sure that you would get sucked into the story. It was great seeing what the gods acted like when they weren't pretending to be someone else. But I did grow annoyed with henry. Sure, he's expected to be cautious because of Persephone, but he should realize that Kate wants to be there, with him.Of course, he is trying to protect Kate as well, but when Kate doesn't know that, it does seem as if he doesn't care anymore.

Aimee Carter's writing is just as great as in Goddess Test, if not more so. She takes the words of Greek Mytholygy and twists it into a new "history" so that it flows well with the story, backing up every action and detail. Every author has their talents, I guess this is Aimee's.

So my reactions to the story...I pratically ripped my hair out at the aloof scenes between Kate and Henry, screaming in annoyance. I almost cried along with Kate, heartbroken. I cheered, I yelled, I spouted profanities. And the ending? It made me stare at the book for what seemed like years, not believing any of it. It was such a sudden twist that made so much sense!

Goddess Interrupted was fast-paced, but not so much that it was action after action after action. This pace made me turn the pages quicker instead of making me go over each word so that I could understand what was happening. this book has everything we love in a book--Wonderful, descriptive writing, a protagonist we can relate to, a broken heart, action, drama, jealousy, confusion, romance, and a world of unknown.