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My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent http://fiction-freak.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-soul-to-take-by-rachel-vincent.html

This paranormal romance book is completely original and extremely addicting. Kaylee, who we should know is a banshee, at least, I hope we all know. If not, I'm sorry for ruining that for you. Anyways, Kaylee has no idea what or who she is until suddenly she almost screams in the middle of a bar. Almost. That's when Nash, popular boy, comes in to save the day. Mysteriously, with his changing eyes, he helps her swallow the urge to scream. Very intimate moment if you know what I mean. ;D

So since Fictionworld has been consumed with vampires, demons, and angels, it's nice to see a change of creatures. It's amazing that no one has thought of it before, but I can't think of a better way to write about them than Rachel Vincent who has made me change my mind about my favorite Supernatural creature. I absolutely loved Emma and Tod! Emma was the sweet friend who often was the other part of Kaylee and Tod was...well, he was Tod!

I loved how one thing led to the next...then the next...then the next. Chain reaction. I LOVE IT! The description of the Netherworld made me actually creeped out even though it shouldn't since it wasn't that scary, but thinking that...ugh. Never mind. Read it, and you'll see what I mean. Or is that just me?

With a spin on the bean sidhe legend, Miss Vincent makes us truly realize that sometimes the strangest things can make sense. The betrayal, the sudden romance, the witty comments make me absolutely fall in love with this series and I can't wait for book #6!