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Fated - Alyson Noel Whew! So sorry, peoples! I know, first review in, like, 12 days! Blasphemy!
I enjoyed the first books in The Immortals, Alyson Noel's other paranormal series, so when I heard of Fated and read the enticing blur above, I was interested, and maybe a bit wary. No matter how much I loved the plot of the books(at least, the first three) I absolutely hated Ever's personality. Good thing I was prepared.

the book starts off during a time freeze, something Daire is used to y now. What she isn't used to are the glowing people and the crows attacking her in the middle of them. Marked as crazy almost immediately, Daire only has two choices and decides to choose the lesser evil and is shipped off to her grandmother's home--a woman she didn't even know was alive. Quickly she learns about her powers as a Soul Seeker and learns to eventually accept it, to control them. Making things even more interesting is Dace, the boy Daire's literally been dreaming about, and someone who she's immensely attracted to. The problem? Dace is part of a family called Le Coyotes, a family that has tried o control the Lowerworld, an event that will, eventually, kill humanity. Should she trust him? Or is her truly the one she will be forced, someone she's fated to, kill?

The book lacked the edge I had been anticipating, I'm afraid. Nothing really seemed as dangerous as this type of story required in order to make you excited. In short--Fated seemed seemed just a bit too innocent at times. Especially with the things we encounter. On the other hand, I enjoyed reading it and the story was as original as you can get in the paranormal genre.

What I did fully love, was the fact that Alyson Noel could create wonderful worlds that honestly didn't sound that farfetched, the way she wrote it! I could honestly believe in the Lower, Middle, and Upperworld if I knew it was fiction. It's just the way that Alyson Noel pieced together the words and sentences that made you convinced of everything.
Onto characters, I honestly hated Daire the first few chapters. She seemed as shallow as Ever was sometimes, but later on, you did see her (hopefully) real side, one that's caring and not as whiny. Dace wasn't at all as dangerous as his brother, Cole, and that was one thing I didn't exactly like. In real life, a sweet, caring guy is wonderful! In books, I know a lot of readers prefer the dark and dangerous ones. A seemingly innocent boy didn't fit with the blurb, exactly. I thought at first that Dace would be all cocky and a bit sweet, still dangerous. That way you honestly wouldn't know if he was friend or foe. But even though I was skeptical at first, I Dace did eventually grow on me and I grew to like him more and more. Cade is your typical antagonist, although even more evil in my eyes. I mean, he ate...well, read it and find out!

I do think Fated lacked a plot, though. It as more of an introduction than an actually completed book. honestly, the only action there truly was, was near the end. The romance was barely there. It seemed more as if Dace and Daire had already fallen in love through their dreams, rather in real life which is the only part we fully experience along with her.

For people who are interested in shamanism and loved the Immortals like I did, I definitely think you'll love it! The story and setting were different from all the others we see and the way that Noel approaches things definitely makes you fall in love with a few key factors. Fated was a satisfying read and I did enjoy it. I just didn't love it as much as I hoped, and perhaps that has something to do with this review: too high hopes.
There were many moments that made me laugh, cringe, and look around nervously and that's all thanks to Daire, so I'd definitely give this book a try!