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Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry HOLY SHIT I LOVE THIS BOOK. So. Freaking. Much.

This is one of my favorite romances (day I say favorite debut?) of 2012! The romance! The characters! The plot! The secrets! The history! The way I sound like I’m on a commercial! Pushing the Limits was just an amazing book about finding love when nothing seems possible. When everything seems hopeless.

I pretty much liked Echo’s character except that she seemed so unforgiving when she should forgive, and forgives when she shouldn’t. But since her mother had tried to kill her, I guess it shouldn't be surprising... But I loved her stubbornness and I loved how she was willing to do almost anything so that Noah could get his brothers back. She was independent and once she made up her mind, it took a LOT to make her budge! In all, she was a pretty good character that made the plot all the more interesting and her personality fits the story wonderfully!
Noah was…well, Noah. He's smart-ass (in a good way), a jerk (in a good way), annoying (in a...you get the point), broken, and undeniably sweet when he wanted to be. He was headstrong and reading from his POV was FUN! to say the least! He cares so much about Echo and it was just ADORABLE! I want to gush again...but I'll save you from that horror!

I. Loved. The. Romance! It wasn't insta-love. Far from it! Sure there was attraction, but that's only obvious. At first, they were just partners in crime (quite literally) who were trying to get what they wanted most. Echo, to remember what happened the day her mother tried to kill her and Noah: Getting his brothers once and for all. Two different goals, but they both need the same thing: their files. And SOMEHOW along hte way, they fallin love! It was gradual and slow, and absolutley AMAZING!

The ONLY bad thing was that Noah wasn't Noah in the second half of the book. Just a bit too sweet, too...desperate? But I guess that's what love does, eh? But he wans't the sarcastic jerk we knew and loved. Boo!

Fans of Simone Elkes will ADORE this stunning contemporary and may even find a new favorite! No matter WHAT you're favorite genre is...Pushing the Limits is definitely a book to be read and loved!