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Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan Some authors can think of a completely new and original book even when you think every idea has been exhausted and reused too many times. Sarah Rees Breenan is definitely one of those authors.

I’m going to be using a different kind of “review format” instead of my usual, non-planned ramblings.

Character Rundown: I disliked Kami. Immensely. It seemed she only cared about news. Articles. Information. As if the event, the person, the creature, didn’t matter at all. As if they were just meaningless things. It was seriously so annoying that it got to the point where I wanted to rip her head off. Ugh. And when some things just seemed so obvious, or at least a bit suspicious, she literally blew it all off and didn’t think to ask about it. Of course, she kind of had to believe it…but read it and see what I mean. I have to admit, though, it was entertaining to see things from her point of view because of her witty and sarcastic remarks which definitely made me laugh more than they should. Other times, she just makes me laugh unintentionally. For example: “Well. Yes. Someone’s trying to kill me. But you don’t have to make such a big deal about it.” She did grow on me half way in like all characters do, though. I guess when you spend a while in someone’s head, you kind of have to end up liking them. Wow, this is actually a long paragraph.

Jared and Angela were definitely my absolute favorites in this book. Angela was just hilarious to read about and Jared was the same: hilarious. And I loved the connection he had with Kami. It was beautiful and the friend connection Jared and Kami had initially made made me like him even more.

The story: The plot was actually pretty good, although it did have some predictable twists. The magic and so-called “soulmates” had a definite twist on it, giving you an actual explanation instead of just putting it out there. The antagonists were people you could clearly identify, people who were the obvious suspects and that made you all the more frustrated (in a good way). There were a few giant turn of events that I could not predict and to say I was shocked would be an understatement.

The romance: It wasn’t Bam! I’m attracted to you, but I can’t. One week later: let’s get together! To hell what others say. Ugh. I’m so happy this wasn’t like that. Think “slow and steady” instead. Which definitely made everything way better because of all the instaromance stories going around. There was a sort of love triangle with the Lynburn cousins, Jared and Ash, and I think it’s safe to say I’m Team Jared.

The ending: The ending wasn’t how I hoped it would be and was incredibly disappointing, but the 50 pages before the plummet definitely made up for it.

All in all: This is actually one of my firsts gothic novels and I’m happy start off with this one! This is one novel you should definitely read. If you get through the first 50 pages, Kami’s reporter attitude gradually decreases (thankfully), so after that checkpoint, there’s not much to complain about!