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Auracle - Gina Rosati First, I want to say thanks SOFREAKING MUCH for sending me a copy, Gina! And the fact that Auracle was given to me has nothing to do with my review. Or how awesome it is.

Starting off with characters, I just have to say that Gina Rosati is too good at writing the antagonist. The entire book, I wanted to strangle Taylor and pull out her hair. But since she’s the bad guy, I’m guessing that’s what was intended for Taylor. She was just so spiteful and mean. And whiny, and annoying, and a lying …well, you get the point. She’s literally the best (worst?) antagonist I’ve ever read about.
I had so much fun reading from Anna’s POV! She was a hilarious character who made me laugh so many times, it’s not even funny! She was fun and nice, but also smart enough so that things didn’t get too out of hand. She had a devious mind and I loved anticipating what she would do next! In 3 words Anna is the: Opposite of Taylor
Rei! Ooooh, swoon! I loved him so much! Rei’s this kind and protective best friend who may (or may not…probably may) think of Anna as more than a friend. Rei is the kind of best friend everyone wants to have, but those are pretty rare. He’s loyal and strong and would literally do anything for his friends (including going to jail)! And he’s definitely a great love interest! Squee!

What I liked about the plot twists is that Gina would write these little things that didn’t seem very important but end up having a giant impact. It’s amazing how much well-thought action Gina Rosati could fit in barely 300 pages! Dare I say…spontaneous? You never really know exactly what’s going to happen in this unique plot about a girl who can astral project. Which brings me to another question: Has there been any book about a girl who can astral project? I can’t think of one, which makes Auracle even more awesome than it already is!

Auracle is an amazing book that’s a wonderful debut and I can’t wait to see more from Gina Rosati! I’m disappointed there won’t be a sequel, but I’m hoping that Rosati will change her mind! I need to see more of Anna and her astral projection! This is definitely one of those books that no one can hate and everyone will want! (And I noticed that this review is pretty short, but I'm afraid if I go on more, I'll end up gushing.)