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The Goddess Legacy - Aimee Carter Goddess legacy is possibly my favorite book in the Goddess Test series! And this is my first short story collection so…this will be very vague and a short!

The thing about Goddess Legacy is that I ended up loving characters I thought I hated and hating characters I originally loved. It shows us new sides of these characters and I loved that! James (Hermes) was originally one of my least-favorite characters, but after reading what happened to him made me realized and understand why he kept giving Kate the option to run. Goddess Legacy isn’t so much as fun-reading as it is to help you understand a character’s actions. I even softened toward Hera but…

I think the writing in this one was a bit smoother and flowed better than in the others, honestly. Aimee Carter wrote the Greek Gods of old perfectly so that with all those relationships between them, it didn’t seem too awkward, just something that was bound to happen. Aimee definitely has a talent for re-writing legends into detailed stories, and while Goddess legacy did satisfy me somewhat while I wait for Book #3, I still can’t wait for it! I’ll probably reread the other books with new eyes (I was serious when I said that this book made you relook at everything!)

But Hera! I know I said I softened towards her, but just a bit. Even if we were supposed to be understanding her, I found that she just seemed a more selfish than before, though we could understand a bit of her pain. And Aphrodite just seemed more childish like…UGH