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Burn for Burn - Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian The professional (ish) reaction: Burn for Burn is most definitely in my Top 5 books (of 2012)! It’s a sinister cotemporary that touches on a few paranormal aspects, making it an exciting new read! Dramatic, devious, and stunning, Burn for Burn met, and exceeded, all expectations!

MARY: Mary really does act like the kind of girl she’s portraying, shy and meek, but she’s got some anger and betrayal hidden in her and I loved that even though she was quiet, she had an undeniable spark in her that just makes you love her! Ever since she was betrayed by the one guy she trusted, Reeve, she’s been a bit on the don’t-notice-me side, but that’s about to change. Something strange is happening too. Whenever she gets emotional, freaky things start to happen—a sudden wind storm, lights exploding. What, exactly, is happening to her? It’s just one of the questions raised and left unanswered. Hopefully we’ll find out why in book 2!

KAT: Kat has beef with Rennie, the Queen Bee of the school and also her ex-best friend. But now because of that same person, Kat is left out all because she got “boring” and got replaced by Lillia, out other narrator. Kat is incredibly rebellious and fiery and she was such an interesting character! She’s the “devious” one and came up with most of the revenge plans and man! They were evil! But the one thing about Kat was that she took so much glee from the hurt of others and that…kind of unnerved me. But otherwise, she was an amazing character!

I loved the way Han and Vivian wrote it. Written in all three POV’s, we still get a feel for all the narrators, each of them with their own separate personalities. The best thing is, none of them got blurred together. Even without them telling you, it would be extremely simple to figure out who was who! The voice was amazing and I think Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian are literally the perfect authors to write this story! I can’t think of anyone else writing it as awesomesaucely. Yes, that is a word.

The unprofessional reaction: Holy craptastic! This is literally one of the best books I have ever read. And I can’t wait to get book 2! I’m seriously dying here and I can’t believe that Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian could be so mean to make us wait! Y’all have got to read this AH-MAE-ZING book! People should line up to read this book and I bet that they will!