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Midnight City - J. Barton Mitchell This. This. This.
That's all I can really say. I just absolutely ADORED Midnight City and it was a great first alien-invasion book! Because, honestly. Are alien invasions usually interesting? Not to me. They sound to cheesy and cliche. But when I heard about Midnight City? I hesitantly took a chance on it. And oh my goodness! It was just amazing and stunning and nothing like I expected! Just, in a good way of course!

The plot was so the best part of this novel. It was SO action-packed and I just had no idea what Mitchell would throw at me next. And honestly? I wouldn't even try to figure out what was happening next! There's absolutely no way you could get anything right! It was just that filled with twists, and it was just...let's just say it's been a while since I've come across a plot where literally everything was unpredictable (except the romance. Psh.)
It was definitely fast paced and just...wow. By page 1, when the Menagerie finds Holt and they're attacked? WOW. And when he meets Mira? Talk about an impression! Just for the plot, read it. Still not convinced? Read on, thou which is hard to convince.

Romance? Definitely the opposite of insta-love, I squeal to say! It wasn't until about what? Three hundred pages when they finally kissed. Or later. But throughout the entire book, it went from hate, to respect, to allies, to friends, to like, to llooovvveee. And yes, I did just roll the word! It was just so squeal-worthy to see how reluctant they were to admit their feelings. And I just loved their pace! It was more realistic than most Young Adult books (taking up almost the entire book is pretty non instant isn't it?) and it was just...refreshing, for lack of better word!
And Hunter? SWOON is all I can say.

The characters I just absolutely positively loved. Or, more accurately, I absolutely positively loved Zoey and just loved Hunter and Mira! Zoey was all smart and zen and no, I didn't find it weird at all...after all, she is the Apex. Although, you don't know what that means, so it's totally not a spoiler. And she just had this...way about her. She was the mix of an innocent 8-year old girl, and this powerful, all-knowing seer or something. And it was just awesome seeing her go from one to another so seamlessly.
Mira was, and is, one of my favorite female leads. She wasn't just smart, she was resourceful. She wasn't special in a certain way--she was only different because of her resourcefulness! And like I've said continuously, it's been a while since I've read about a non-special/outstanding character with rare powers. Although...well, you'll just have to read and find out! Mira was a strong character that wasn't afraid to admit she was scared, but did something about that threat...basically kill or emancipate that threat. But, you know.
Hee. Hunter. I loved Hunter, though not as much as I loved Mira! He was definitely strong and protective? YES. And he and Mira fit together like puzzle pieces; where one was weak, the other was strong, as cheesy as it sounds!

An AMAZING debut that I absolutely loved and had NO qualms about whatsoever. Usually aliens aren't my thing. After all, it's just a bit...well, it's too nerdy-sounding for this nerd! But Midnight City definitely made me want to read more alien-orientated books! This is definitely a book for all sci-fi/apocalyptic fans or anyone who's looking for their first intro to the genre! It will not disappoint, I can almost guarantee!