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Black City - Elizabeth  Richards First, take a look at the cover. Isn’t it just GORGEUOS?! I love it! It’s a new change from the usual girl-on-cover ones and it definitely caught my eye!

Let’s start this review with the world of Black City. It was dark and it was feral and it’s what I’d call a true dystopian. The setting was incredibly morbid and I mean that in the best way possible! It fit the story well and added a certain…danger to it. But I guess that’s why it’s been dubbed “Breathless Danger” then, huh? The world Liz Richards created made me shudder, especially with the *torture*experiments. Everywhere Natalie and Ash looked, lies and danger lurked in shadows and I found myself *coughs* skipping to the end to find out what happens. Just a peek! I couldn’t resist. It was too tempting! The anxiety just builds up and I couldn’t help it.

CHARACTERS! Wow, they had to be the best part of Black City! Each of them, supporting or main, had their own complexities, their own personality, and they all were needed to make the storyline even more twisted and dangerous. Natalie was so…headstrong? In the way that she would always do something reckless without knowing the full story. But that’s what made her so fun and made the plot all the more exciting! She was loyal to the end when she decided to trust someone, and she was definitely smart. Smart enough to figure out what exactly happened in the laboratory and why the tyrant Purian Rose wanted her to go to a (what was basically) Workboot school. Which was, to say the least, incredibly shocking. She was incredibly determined to do anything she believes in.
Ash…there are no words that can fully describe Ash. (P.S. Why is it that two of my YA crushes are named Ash? …Weird) Anyways, Ash was just so…tormented I guess is the right word. All his life he’s been bullied because of his bloodline and not only that, but he has to keep his mother in chains and a secret because of the disease she has called the Wrath that basically makes a Darkling go mad and decays the skin. He’s never trusted a human, let alone one of the upper-class citizens, a Sentry! And the Emissary’s daughter at that! But they were both so much alike, stubborn, loyal, willing to do the right thing no matter the cost…but also opposites in so many ways. Ash is…let’s just say the bad boy: dark, brooding, hiding so, so many secrets! He’s one character you just have to love!

Time to plot! The plot was so. Full, Of danger! But I guess that’s why it was dubbed “Breathless Danger” right? Well Black City definitely deserves that title! I went along with the story and I nearly screamed at some parts! Things could spin out of control and then the pages would just stare at you like nothing was wrong. And of course, I had to read till the end to find out what happens! Black City is definitely a page-turner that will keep you at the edge of your seat!

The romance was…not as great as I hoped. Sure it was incredibly sweet/dangerous, but it seemed to go along fine…then it sped up. Think of it this way: They were in love 10% to 20% to 30% then skipped to 100% at one of the major plot twists. But the romance was incredibly endearing and tender and the emotions were just spilling all over the place!
This definitely reminded me of Darkness Before Dawn. A lot. But the thing is…no offense, but Black City seemed to capture the emotion better and was just way more dark and had likeable characters. That’s my opinion, of course!