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Stormdancer - Jay Kristoff So I’m going to have this new feature about once a month I’m going to call “Mini Freak Outs” which may sound like a mini review, which I guess it is, but it’s more like my reactions throughout the book, a one-paragraph review and a rating. That’s it. So my first Mini Freak Out is for…Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff! Sorry if I cuss.

Page 179—Ooooh BEAT DA BITCH!
Page 193—OOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THIS MY FRIENDS, is where the loyalty shifts and the truth is shown. God I sound cheesy. Dang, I'm talking to myself...this is not good...
Page 205—SHIT
Page 211—Oh God, I am HORRIFIED by the Shogun. Seriously. Can i kill him myself?
Page 236—I feel so bad for Buruu...but... BAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOLOL i'd like to see Buruu with that idiot of a guy for 5 minutes too!
Page 239—Lol Hiro is SO CUTE
Page 247—Shit. Shitshithshitshitshitshitshit. SHIT
Page 254—Oh. Oh NO. NONONONONONONO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You guys. I'm actually screaming this. At midnight.)
Page 268—GAG.
Page 273—Ierwjfdsiocxkmlzcqowiefn. I love Kin. I do. But GOSH Hiro is so much better!
Page 275—*cries*
Page 282—Oh. He's going to do something irrational. Something that's going to kill them all. DAMMIT (edit: Oh...never mind.)
Page 295—Ohhhhh...I KNEW that Hideo would be trouble
Page 305-306—Oh no. *sobs*
Page 307—GOD. NO. PLEASE
Page 311—Yes, yes, and yes.
Page 313—I NEED BOOK 2.

Stormdancer, while a bit slow in the beginning, was a great read! I mean, Japanese steampunk? YES PLEASE. It sounded exactly like my kind of book and I loved the intense feelings that Yukiko, Kin, Buruu, and the rest of the gang…sprouted? Haha, anyways the writing definitely matched everything else—intense, well thought out, and it had that aloof-ish feeling that seemed to match the plot and world. Oh. And Buruu? He’s definitely my favorite. Snarky? Yes. Proud? Yes. Hilarious? Yes. Adorable? He’d kill me, but yes. Caring? Yes. Brotherly? Yes. Best-mythical-creature-ever? Yes.
Original, new, and amazing, Stormdancer is a must-read and a definite pleaser! It made me scream (Did you not read the mini Freak Out above?) and you’ll have so much fun reading it! Anticipation is a normality for this book and anxiety attacks are bound to happen. If you see it in the bookstore, gasp at the cover, grab it, awe over its shininess, and buy it! Although if you don't like steampunk...stay away.