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Twenty Boy Summer - Sarah Ockler My problem with Twenty Boy Summer, I think, was just that I had all these high expectations, and I was waiting the entire book, waiting for that magical “OMG LOVE” moment to happen. I mean, I was told that it was super emotional, but it just didn’t work for me. Maybe I was just placing it on a pedestal already and when it didn’t meet up…well, I doubt I would’ve liked it anyways. Like I said, I was waiting for that “LOVE IT” moment.

It didn’t happen.

The first thing that seriously irritated me were the characters. It was…Ugh. I really, really, really, wanted to strangle them, especially Anna and Frankie. Anna followed Frankie on literally ANYTHING no matter how stupid it was. Anna was supposed to be the smart, well-grounded one? She seemed the complete opposite, more of a minion than anything else. Frankie = Oompa Loompa. Anna = Other, less popular Oompa Loompa. I mean, that’s how they acted (not to be harsh). And honestly, Frankie was pretty slutty. I mean, she didn’t feel like it was awkward when a what? 50-year-dude stared at them and bought drinks for them? Or flirting with guys to get free drinks? What’s worse is that Anna didn’t find it too weird. Also: Frankie wasn’t a very nice friend. She was…bitchy. To everyone.

Another thing: the romance wasn’t all too great either. Anna was supposedly still in love with matt throughout the book, but she didn’t act it. She fell in love with Sam so quickly, in one day really. It wasn’t very realistic and I found myself disappointed further. And with Frankie’s own romance…more insta-love for sure. It didn’t affect me and my reaction was more “Oh. Words. Nice. Sentences. Ok. Paragraphs. Yuck.” Anna didn’t seem to get that she’d only know Sam for a day and couldn’t stop thinking about him. It was too rushed, and it seemed like the authors just wanted things to speed along.

Plot-wise, I couldn’t find anything very emotional about it. Anna was hiding a secret and I felt so annoyed by it. But that, I could understand why she didn’t tell. I also loved those symbolical times. Like throwing that red sea glass back into the ocean? That was the only decent part for me, really.

Twenty Boy Summer just wasn’t for me. I had to force myself to get through it, and I mainly skimmed half the book. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this anytime soon. ½ stars for taking place in Cali where I’m from, .5 for teaching me a whole bunch of new words (and helping me with my ELA homework!), and ½ for the good and flowing writing. And that’s me being nice.