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52 Reasons to Hate My Father - Jessica Brody The short pitch: Hilarious and fun, this is definitely one to read if you need a good LOL moment!

Now the only thing that I didn't absolutely LOVE was the romance. While it was endearingly sweet, it wasn't very well developed or believable. The two characters were hating each other, slowly (like, turtle slowly) becoming friends, then BOOM. Love.It just didn't match and I really didn't like it. It was more like it was thrown in for the more...crazier stuff that happens in the second half of the book.

Character development is obviously a giant thing here and I loved that! Lexi was such a...well, let's face it. She was a huge, spoiled bitch in the beginning, but by the end, you have this fun character who jokes around, but knows what's right and that she's not entitled to everything. And it wasn't as sudden as the romance, trust me. You could see her personality change from spoiled to caring. She learns so much throughout the entire book and it was so...I can't say touching, since it wasn't, really. But it was amazing seeing how much she slowly changed.

So I read this during the summer and let me say, it fit the season perfectly. It was a fun, light read that will make you laugh and make you smile. It will fill you with emotional turmoil, so BEWARE. 52 Reasons was a wonderful read that made me want to read more of Jessica Brody's books! And I have no doubt they'll be just as amazing and sassy as this one! Definitely pick this up if you've liked her other books or if you're tired of all those sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal books!