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Every Day - David Levithan I had so many high hopes for Every Day! Almost everyone was recommending it, and if they hadn't read it, it was definitely high on their TBR! So, suffice to say, I was ready to be positively blown away!
Sadly, Every Day fell a little (just a little!) flat for me.
(Just throwing this in, I won't be talking characters much, considering...well there are a lot of characters.)

So writing. The writing was, in one word, gorgeous. The way that things are explained makes you think about all these things you never considered before? Seriously amazing. And you can tell at a glance how deep this book is. It's emotional in a way that can't be found in other books: when you don't who you are, who are you really? What makes you you? I doubt many people consider that, but Every Day asks you that exact question. And honestly, who really knows?

I felt so bad for A. He jumped from life to life to life, every morning. He didn't have a say in anything. He didn't have a life of his own. No friends, no family, no mom or dad to love him. He's never had a connection of any kind, until Rhiannon. And it was just...sad. Never having a tomorrow to look forward to. Being aloof, acting out someone else's actions--never getting to be him/herself.
And that was another thing. We never find out if A is female or male. And while that was kind of weird, I think most of us consider him as a guy since our love interest is a girl. And A just seemed...more masculine (From now on, though, I'm calling him/her it.) Which was why it was a bit weird when he was a girl.

The world building, while great in the way that the way A explained his life, its thoughts as a kid and everything, I wanted to find out more about its parents, its...kind? Its power, why it could do what it could do. Apparently, Every Day is a stand alone, but it didn't fee like it. There were so many questions left unanswered and I just wanted them answered!

Now, what disturbed me was how how obsessed A seemed with Rhiannon. I mean, I get that it was in love...but people in love don't, I hope, do what it did. And always being with Rhiannon, despite its usual routine? A was violating the body of whoever A was in and I was more on Rhiannon's side about that. It (NOT THE PERSON NOW) wasn't right.

So while the premise and writing were wonderful, there were a few disturbing things that were there and loose ends that should've been swept away. But Every Day was beautiful and stunning in other ways. The ending was touching and sad, making me want to rip my hair out. Every Day is one that will ask you questions that you can't answer, have no answer for, and you'll probably love it just because of that.