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What Happens Next - Colleen Clayton What I Liked
There were so many things I loved about What Happens Next but the one that stood out the most? It dealt with real problems, real insecurities, and real people. Our characters weren’t perfect—they were far from it, in fact. They weren’t gorgeous-but-didn’t-know-it. They just…weren’t gorgeous. And you guys, that is such a relief. Cassidy goes through real-life situations, ones that almost anybody can go through. It was…heartwarming and heartbreaking. Even Corey, our love interest isn’t perfect or liked. He isn’t the stereotype bad boy, cocky and handsome with a dark side. He’s sweet and even if he does deal in drugs…well, he has a good reason to. He wasn’t insanely hot either and he was far from cocky. He was just the outcast who had a few secrets of his own. That’s what I loved about him. His non-stereotypicalness. Which I totally just made up on the spot!

Pacing? It wasn’t too fast or too awkward—one problem after another. It flowed well and it wasn’t too crazy. One thing lead to another and even when some things surprised me, I realized that it really didn’t. I knew it was going to happen somehow. It’s one of those amazing books that don’t need a giant plot twist to make it good. I can’t explain why it was so good. It’s just…impossible! But it was just amazing the way it was written and all

What I Didn’t Like
The main character. I mean, she wasn’t annoying or anything, but she was a bit…not smart. I mean…going to a party with a guy who she barely met who’s older and already seems obsessed….ermmm…no. And when it turns out that no one is really there and letting him get you a drink? It’s just asking for trouble. Other than that I really don’t have many complaints. It was just great otherwise!