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Orleans - Sherri L. Smith Orleans was definitely different from the normal things I read and definitely different from…everything.
In the best way of course!

I really did like Orleans, though I wasn’t as into the story as I wanted to be. I think it was the odd-yet-common dual points of view in both first and third person and the…diction, I guess (YAY for Eileen…even if it wasn’t the word I was looking for…) of our main main character (yes, that does make sense). I’ve always had a problem with that kind of thing, though I guess it does make sense for someone living in the conditions she was raised in, but I always hated the “He ain’t” or “He got” instead of “He has”. Yes, I am a Grammar Nazi. If you know me I DNF’d Blood Red Road because of that too.

But ignoring that (or getting used to it), Orleans was definitely a great read, though I can’t exactly say I loved it.

I did like the characters though! Fen was independent and strong and ingenious in her own way! She knew how to survive in the ruins of Orleans and she took her promises seriously, I’ll say that. She wasn’t a character I could connect with, but I found myself cheering for her (silently, of course…maybe) throughout most of the book! She’s an easy character to like and not frustrating at all, which is more than I can say for some!
Daniel…the way it was written and by what happened; I honestly feel as if Daniel wasn’t really a main character or needed in the story. Sure, he made things a bit edgier, but the main plot really could’ve done a bit without him.

And no, you guys, they do not fall in love, I’ll say that now! I dearly wish they would, but maybe in book two! (There is a sequel, right. There has to be! Goodreads HAS to be lying!)
This was definitely one of those adventure-type books I don’t usually read, but absolutely love! The plot honestly was a bit all over the place, but it was still enjoyable and I loved it.

The best thing about Orleans was, without a doubt, the worldbuilding! It was thorough (well, except for the one question of HOW DID THE FEVER START?!) and I loved learning about what had changed, the events that led up to the Wall and to Orleans and all about the fever and how life in Orleans was. There were tribes and hunting and lepers and so much more! It was an absolutely fascinating fantastically created world that definitely shows you what the words national epidemic mean. ;)