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The Lost Girl - Sangu Mandanna he Lost Girl was, in all intents and purposes, a great read that definitely made an impression. But did I absolutely love it like I did others? No, not quite.But it was an amazing book that I did enjoy and, maybe did love the second half!

The Lost Girl was actually pretty slow for me in the first half and I honestly almost put it down.But I decided to push on and continue it and SO glad I did! After we meet Ray things really get to pick up. Because Ray, out of all people, was the closest one to Amarra, and he would be the first one who would be able to figure out that Eva isn't Amarra. That Eva is an echo. And *SPOILER!* he does. That's when things really picked up and I was almost desperate to find out how it ended. There were so many ways this book could go, and I loved the way it did!

Eva did annoy me for a single moment when she was leaving England and she ran to hug Sean. It was sweet! But I couldn't help a little trickle of irritation sneak in.That one thing could get her killed! WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?! But after that one anger moment, I loved her. She was trying to stay alive, but to survive as well. And despite what everyone said, she was human. Just because she wasn't born like a regular one doesn't mean she wasn't one. She had her flaws--she was stubborn and strong willed and she could be cruel if it meant surviving. But she wanted to live and I think that was the biggest tip off and I wanted to smack a lot of secondary characters for thinking of her like an empty machine or something.

The romance actually surprised me and that is one of possibly the hardest things to do in YA fiction nowadays without a solid love triangle. And no, this was not a solid love triangle. I was thinking "Oh, she'll end up with Sean." then "No no, she'll end up falling in love with Ray and then he'll find out she's not the real Amarra and break her heart, then he'll fall in love with the real Eva then..." and then "Nah, maybe it IS Sean..." And who she did end up with satisfied me because the other guy was a complete butthole to her.

The plot was, like I said, slow in the beginning but later picked up at a speed I enjoyed and had me flipping rapidly through the pages. I had no idea what would happen next because Eva was just completely unpredictable! And when we get a closer look at the Weavers, I also realized just how...different they each were. Matthew was actually my favorite character, secondary and otherwise. He was hilarious to read about and, have no doubts, was actually at least the smallest bit human to make us love him.

I was thinking, though, how many open strands there are for a stand alone book. I have so many questions unanswered but it doesn't seem like we'll be getting a sequel!

The Lost Girl was really a great read that will make you wonder yourself--What really makes us human and what makes us not? The Lost Girl is just the kind of book you need to read if you just need a fun story that really does make you wonder these things. Quick paced and wonderful, it will captivate you!