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Infatuate (Gilded Wings, #2) - Aimee Agresti This was so, so, so MUCH BETTER than Illuminate! Where Illuminate was incredibly monotonous and boring the first 2/3, Infatuate was action packed all the way! So much better than it's first installment! (But...this cover doesn't match the beauty of the first one!)

What I didn't like, though, was Lance and the predictability of some of the twists. Not spoiling, but what happens with Sabine was definitely something I was expecting. A character so thoroughly written was of course going to...well. I could see some things coming from a mile away, so I guess I was disappointed on that aspect, but anticipating it was incredibly frustrating...in a good way. IS there a good kind of frustration? No? Let's call it anticipation then!
As for Lance, I absolutely hated how he treated Haven and their entire romance. He wasn't the best boyfriend--in fact he didn't act the part of the boyfriend at all, except for one scene of jealousy and a few chaste kisses here and there. Not to mention him slobbering over another girl...it was just disappointing...well, not really!
As Team Lucian I was definitely pleased with what was happening! Lucian is back and as swoony as ever! He's a bit hard to trust, that's for sure, but after his sacrifice in Illuminate, I was ready to risk it.

As for the plot, it alters between fast and slow, but it's enjoyable anyhow (even with the lags!) and definitely an exciting read! It's an original angel story, definitely different from all those other paranormal books, so I loved reading every page and discovering what happens and why it happened, etc. The voodoo shop and haunted mansion and cemetery (so many creepy places thrown at you!) were definitely some of my favorite places and the most...well, ominous scenes happen there! Any surprise?

But I am going to say that for an angel book, it didn't have much lore, like where the angels came from, the way the angel world worked, etc. so I was a bit disappointed in that aspect...but the rest definitely made up for it!

Umm...hmm. Short review...