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Vortex - Julie Cross Vortex...ummm...well, goodbye my brain. You weren't helpful at all with this book, were you?

Vortex was beyond confusing for me. I totally forgot the happenings of Tempest (which I read around 10 months to a year ago...) so just jumping into this series was definitely surprising since we start exactly where Tempest left off.
The time traveling rules...wow. My brain is too small to absorb this. I was completely confused and in the dark, reading all this professional sounding things that made absolutely no sense. World A, World B, World C, bouncing of World B, no World C, erasing their relationship, killing off past selves--WHAT?! Oh my God, I have a headache already. But I understood almost nothing in this book and I honestly don't feel as if it was described well for readers to easily understand--unless you're secretly a Tempest agent or you're incredibly, incredibly smart. (But I have to admit, once you understand it a bit, it sounds incredibly legit!)

Not to say that finally seeing the extent of what Jackson can do (or at least, I think extent) was boring! I loved it when he experimented, bringing us to past events that were completely different. I think that they were my favorite parts, but we definitely see the toll it takes in that cliffhanger!

A fun part about this book was the agent training which definitely piqued my interest! Come on, don't you love reading about this stuff? Not to mention that we learn about a few new characters who we officially meet in training! One who, honestly, got on my nerves and just loved to be Jackson at everything. But she definitely stirred things up!

Even so, Vortex was a highly enjoyable read! There were definitely a ton of twists that made me snap the book shut and scream at the wall (Oh my, that sounds mental, doesn't it.). It was just completely shocking how some of these twists that just completely utterly shocked me. It's been a long time since I've been fully shocked like this! Vortex was action packed on every page and I found myself aching to pick it back up every time I put it down!

Unpredictable and wild, (and, comparing this to the thrilling feelings I remember after reading Tempest--about the only thing I DO remember), Vortex lives up to Tempest and it's hype and it's definitely a thrilling action book that I think both kids and adults (and in between) will enjoy and love! Especially the sci-fi fans that search for these kinds of books!