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Revolution 19 - Gregg Rosenblum Just got to say, THANK YOU Eileen for convincing me to get the ARC before preordering. Oh Thank God. And Eileen.

Not to say this was completely bad, it just wasn't for me. You guys know I try to find as many good things as possible, but everything was...less than average. Not completely bad, but...not that good which I'm completely depressed about--this used to be one of my most awaited books. The premise you guys! Killer robots!

First things first: Characters. Wow did I want to facepalm. Nick was completely reckless and hypocritical, Kevin was just too under-self-confident, and Cass was just deluded sometimes. They all got each other in life threatening situations and I gave them FIVE total chances to redeem themselves, but nothing prominent really happened...I ended up just marking them up as annoying turned almost average characters, but I really feel like they were...flat. They were just boring characters who I read about in 3rd person. Maybe if it'd been done in 1st person, it would've been better...?

The killer robots were...well, less killer, more robot. They didn't seem like the heartless creatures who destroyed everything in their path like I thought (and hoped for). The only time they seemed as creepy as I hoped was in Nick's Re-education time which was basically the only main plot point I liked, possibly loved! I mean, sure chips in your neck tracing your every move and robots everywhere can be scary...if it's written right, and I guess...Revolution 19 just wasn't. Using other books, instead of a wasteland along the lines of The Immortal Rules, it was more like Matched--a society where each move was tracked and not that severe punishments for any infractions. I was...disappointed to find that the robots were actually ruling an almost civilized world. They were more...bullies on the playground than Terminator material.

Yeah, I'm in a simile mood. English got to me.

Plot wise this book was lacking throughout most of the novel. Only the last 50 pages or so had exciting action and twists (that were slightly predictable) and the pages before had me completely bored. I finished this book through sheer will, honestly, and it may have taken me three days to read this (2 days longer than normal) to finish this since I err...fell asleep. Though that could also have something to do with it being midnight. But the action? Lacking in that area, and I'm sorely disappointed.

Anyone looking for romance, not here. Go. SHOO! There was a little bit (which ha, you could totally see coming. It was adorable!) of romance and I found the couples absolutely cute! (Though the fact that they admitted their feelings right before they thought they were going to die...) Lexi and Nick vs. Cass and Farryn. Cass and Farryn were so much better, especially in that last scene! I swear I squealed!

Also, for a book that's apparently a stand alone, I'm in desperate need of an actual ending. No offense, but I'm not an open ended person. I need CLOSURE. Sure, I can be fine with it, but...what happens to their parents? What happens to their friends? What about that Epilogue?!

So even though it sounds like I absolutely hated this, it did slightly redeem itself in the end, and I just didn't get that vibe to give it 2 stars or lower. I'm sticking to exactly 2.5. And you guys! My .5s are special.