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Undeadly (Harlequin Teen) - Michele Vail The number one thing I absolutely loved about Undeadly? The world-building! In a parallel world, zombies are a usual sight, SEERs are things almost everyone has, and reapers are almost common! And all because of the battle between the Egyptian gods, Anubis and Set. The way that things were explained actually made sense (Which, trust me, is hard when you add grim reapers with Egyptian mythology) and I admit, it did bombard me with information in the beginning so I had a hard time keeping track of everything, but after a few chapters you start to understand it. Besides that, I had so much fun discovering this world where Egyptian gods were real and hey, it looks like a certain reaper is starting to fall for the champion, Chosen, and child_of Anubis. Huh.

Speaking of, the romance! The romance was…weird to say the least. I mean there was Rick, Molly’s crush from when she was 15, turning 16 and there was Rath. Either way the romance was pretty awkward. I mean, no this isn’t a spoiler by the way, Molly barely knew Rick and she brought him back to life, not finding it weird at all that Rick traveled all the way to her new private school (for reapers) and seems to be so madly in love and obsessive. Because that’s so normal right? As for Rath, I thought it was a bit forced. They didn’t actually get to know each other and yet they’re starting to “like like” each other?

Plot? LOVED. It was fast-paced and everything that happened wasn’t just for the heck of it. There were actually a lot of things that I could predict and while there weren’t many giant plot twists, the few there were…ugh. I think my jaw became unhinged! Shocking and out-of-the-blue? Understatement for sure. I think I reread a few things. You know, just to make sure that I wasn’t hallucinating!

Undeadly was a kick-butt sassy read that was so insanely fun and exciting! It’s definitely one to read especially for Egyptian myth/ Zombie/ Ghost/ Action lovers! Despite the romance, Undeadly was an amazing read that you’ll love! The voice actually, for once in YA, sounded like a teen’s thoughts! Trust me, that’s a pretty hard feat! Full of quips and soul-snatching (read it and find out) Undeadly is one you should definitely get your hands on!