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Such a Rush - Jennifer Echols One of the best contemps for sure...but I say that a lot! But this one is definitely for all those people who love sexy romances and/or guys. It's one of those sad-more-romancy-though kind of books that, even while they deal with real-life (SAD) situations, the romance was one of the biggest parts of the book. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

I loved the characters! Leah was so kick-butt without seeming annoyingly so. She was so tough and used to this hard life, standing tall all the while. It's just something you have to admire about her. But she has her flaws. She just refuses to show them. And I loved that about her. She takes solace in flying and it seems so...understandable the way Echols put it. Leah was...so complex and she went through a lot of development throughout the book. In ways more than one.

And DANG! Jennifer Echols defintiely knows how to stir up a swoony romance and two equally hot guys. But, you know, only one guy can really capture your heart here. HELLO Grayson. He was like...Ash-like. And that's one of the biggest compliments I can give. Grayson was so aloof and cold towards Leah, but there were those flashes of warmth and kindness that just made your heart melt! It was so adorable...but then Grayson would be aloof again. But by then, we all knew that there was something behind that mask. And DAMMIT. I LOVE GRRAYSON SO MUCH. YOU SHOULD BUY THIS JUST FOR GRAYSON. He was like, the perfect YA bad boy.


Anyways, I absolutely loved the plot. It wasn't boring at all. Grayson was blackmailing Leah to, get this, date his brother. But he never says why. And that's one of the biggest, burning questions. If Grayson loves Leah...why would he want her to date his brother? But, the reason made so much sense, and it was so touching. And it does sound like a love-triangle, but it wasn't. One of the boys got the boot in such a way that it...well. I can't say, now can I?

There was obviously a ton of research involved as well. But it didn't really appear that way, unless you were looking for it. I actually learned a lot about flying (but fats and I don't mix well. It went through one ear and out the other) and if I could remember it, I think I'd be a decent flyer and at least not get anyone killed.

Jennifer Echols writes a fantastic love story mixed with the story of someone discovering who they are and what they're worth. Touching and totally hot at the same time, Such a Rush is definitely one for contemporary and chick lit lovers. Real characters with real problems, this is definitely a twist on the norm.