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Origin - Jessica Khoury Um wow. Just wow. I’m so impressed by all the Breathless Reads so far and Origin has just made me love them even, more!
Origin is an amazing debut and I really wish that a sequel will be on its way, but sadly…it won’t. But Pia and Eio are definitely some awesome characters and I’m hoping that there’ll be at least a short story for them after the ending of Origin! (Please? Pretty pretty please?)

I loved the world of Origin. Or, rather, the description of it. It’s the real world, but the way that it’s described seems way more enchanting. Maybe it’s because it’s set in the Amazon or maybe it’s just Jessica’s writing. Maybe both. But the world and descriptions are amazing and…magical? Even if it’s a sci-fi book. Origin definitely has some amazing descriptions and scenes that I’d kill to see! Apparently, I’ve had this secret craving to see the Amazon. Huh. Who knew?

The thing about Origin is the development you see throughout the story. Not just character development, but something else. Slowly but surely, you can almost feel Pia’s trust shift from her family of scientists to the wild boy she meets secretly and starts falling for.
But there’s more than just that. Pia herself goes through changes. In the beginning, her dream was always to become the lead scientist in the Immortis team, creating more Immortals, more perfects, like herself. But when things start getting suspicious and the Wickham test (A test designed for each scientists specifically, making sure they’re prepared to become an Immortis scientist) getting more brutal, her hackles are raised and she starts searching for answers herself. Suddenly this protected, whiny (bragging-ish) girl suddenly becomes this independent strong character who I loved reading about.

And speaking of characters, can I use these three sentences on Eio? Eio is extremely sweet and caring and I loved his character! Have native and half…scientist? He’s different and he’s strong, being the perfect match for our Pia. He’s just SQUEE worthy!

There were so many mysteries in Origin, some predictable, others less so. All of them contributed to the plot, though, and I did end up shouting “I knew it!” a lot while reading Origin. Origin is an original story that bakes your heart skip and your jaw drop. It’s a stunning debut (there’s a reason it’s called “Breathless Beauty”!) and I can’t wait to see more from Jessica Khoury! Even if it’s not a sequel. Sighs. But Origin is definitely one you should add to your TBR pile and read ASAP!