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Level 2 - Lenore Appelhans Why hello you interestingly beautiful book.

The thing about Level 2 that surprised me was that it was balanced somewhat between fantasy and sci-fi, mythology and religion. It was...impressive, yet odd at the same time. It seemed sci-fi because of the "hives" and the gases, the reason why these rebels had had "powers", and all that, but at the same time it was fantasy because, well, angels. That is all I'm saying because you'll just have to read and find out for yourself! The religious/mythology thing is because the gases? They're from the rivers of Hades which is only mentioned in Greek Mythology--the Lethe, Acheron, and some others I can't remember, while most of the memories we see with Felicia take place in a church and we contemplate if there really is a Level 3 (i.e. heaven) or...down there. So honestly? This book is almost a contradiction in itself!

Speaking of contradictions, Julian and Neil. Oh. My. Gosh. I'm not sure if I should dislike both of them, or love both of them! I mean, they were both pretty adorable love interests (Forever Team Julian. Seriously. I seem to always be pulled toward the bad boys!), but...well Julian? Oh, he's a liar. I really wanted to kick his ass sometimes and the one time he decided to be honest was when I didn't want him to (near the end, with...hmm. I can't say.), but that made me love him more if anything! I just can't believe how Julian had played Autumn and I hurt for her, I really did.
Neil, on the other hand, was perfect. Too perfect. A guy like that doesn't exist! I discovered no faults whatsoever and he always greeted everything with a smile and said the perfect things and he was just...flawless. And I really do hate when a girl thinks she's not good enough for a guy. If a guy thinks that way, then obviously he's not worth you. Oh my, did that just sound like one of those lines in a booklet?
And, I just want to say, there isn't really a love triangle at all! So anyone who was shying away from this book because of that, no fear! But I can't say why though, in case of spoilers!

I loved the memory flashbacks. Period. They were engaging and I loved how important they were to everyone in Level 2, not only because of credits. When reading them, I couldn't set the book down because I absolutely needed to know why this particular memory(ies) was important and why it was included. This is also how we mainly get a feel for Neil's character.

I loved getting more in depth with the characters, and I think the way Lenore Appelhans wrote Level 2 gives us more...feeling for Felicia's character. I can't explain it, but I felt like I understood Felicia more than I have other characters. Not to say she wasn't annoying a few times, she was! But I think that's more my fault than the book's--for some reason I've been having trouble with characters lately...

The plot was sometimes overridden by the memories and it was a bit slow in the beginning, but it was still an enticing read that I almost read in one sitting (two, only because I realized it was midnight and I had school!) and couldn't get enough of! It was fast paced after a certain point and the ending!

Oh. My. Gosh. PLOT TWIST. I did not expect that...though I realize now I really should've!