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False Memory - Dan Krokos To say I was surprised by this would be understatement. I honestly didn't have high hopes for this. Another love triangle? Lost memories (no matter how much I love those stories)? A guy who knows her past? Puh-lease. But False Memory was all that, but raised to an amazing level that's more original than cliche. It asks the question: Who are we if we're not who we thought we were?

Since the romance was one of the main things I was worried about, let's start with that.There was no annoying, cliche, obvious love triangle where you knew who Miranda would end up with.And I still have no idea! Peter was honestly the one I was rooting for. He was the most supportive, he sported feeligns for her before (but she was always with Noah.), and he didn't care...errr...after the plot twist. On the other hand, there was Noah who was her old love, the one she can't remember. And honestly, they were both cute and sweet. But Peter's feelings seemed less shallow, honestly. Noah just liked Miranda for who she WAS. Not who she IS.

The world-building and the construction of this were simply amazing. Actually, I'm not sure. The terms were so scientific, but they sure sounded smart. So I'm guessing that the science made sense to smarter people. What I also found intriguing was that they each had the same power, feeding fear into others' minds. Usually, we see things like healing with a touch, flying, telekinesis, etc., but fear? Never. That's what makes this book so fascinating! Things were properly explained and it was just amazing how all our questions were answered!

Miranda was such an amazing heroine! She had her flaws, honestly, but that's one of the things amazing about her. She may have been, well, I can't say, but she sure was one of the most real characters I've seen. She was calm and collected, and she was never annoying or a Miss-Know-It-All either. She was a relatable character and I loved finding little pieces of myself in her! Definitely a great MC!

Plot-wise, is there any doubt that it could be anything but amazing? It was so action-packed (I say that a lot! But I'm glad there are so many books that ARE action packed) and completely badass with the fighting! There were tons of twists I couldn't fathom and it was just amazing! i'm a bit worried as to whether or not False Sight will be just as amazing, but I've heard wonderful things about it so far, so I'll still hope for the best! :D

It was so amazing, my school library got it, and they rarely get ANY good books. Also, that's where I read it, and, even though I've read it, I think I should get my own copy. And that rarely, very rarely, ever happens! So, duh, you should read it! It was simply amazing!