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Crewel - Gennifer Albin Crewel. Biggest. Mind fuck. Ever.

And I mean that in the good, awesomely, best way. Because it seriously was. The world-building was so complex and amazing. And I actually did get it. Barely. It’s one of those rare and awesome books that you have to pay attention to. You can’t have your mind sidetracked or else you’ll have to backpedal and reread. Trust me, I did. The world-building was completely thought out. It was so scientific, and I totally wouldn’t be surprised if…no. I will not spoil it. no matter how many times I want to. But it was just so believable and the fact that there were no flaws (I bet even Eileen wouldn’t be able to find any!) just made it better. I couldn’t find one hole in the logic really and I loved discovering how things worked (even if I was a tad creeped out. I mean, anyone could rip my thread just to prove a point and…no.)

OMG I LOVED ADELICE. (first of all, awesome name! And it represents her wonderfully. It sounds pretty but it’s special and actually sounds pretty independent.) was stubborn and independent, and you guys know that can often get on my nerves, but this time is was the perfect mix of stubborn! She listened to people’s warnings and made sure to be more careful, but didn’t trust anybody completely and that was a good thing. Because honestly, who can you trust when everyone’s out to get you or use you? She wasn’t afraid to look for answers and she knew what to do to get what she wanted. But she was far from ruthless. She knew it was wrong what the Spinsters were doing and she was passionate! She didn’t trust easily, but when she did, she was loyal to the core. Adelice is possibly my favorite MC of 2012!

And I loved the other characters. I mean, they were stereotypes taken to a whole ‘nother level. They were creweler (DID YOU CATCH THAT?) and they were more secretive. They had more to risk and more to gain than anyone else. But it’s extremely scary how power-hungry and blood thirsty these people were. And they could live almost forever. It was scary. And they always had an ulterior motive to everything. It isn’t just about control. There’s something deeper than that going on. And I can’t wait to find out what, exactly, it is.

Plotness. Oh my goodness gracious, can you even believe the plot twists in this? There were secrets upon secrets upon secrets! You would think you know something and something completely random would pop out, but…it made sense. Why this could happen, why this didn’t. the plot twists were many but they didn’t overwhelm the main aspect of the book, and the ending? GASP. I did not expect it, but I realized that I should’ve. I can’t give you any more than that, but remember what I said, read each page carefully. And remember every. Little. Detail.

This is just amazing. I give 5 stars easily…but this one? It got 10. Yep. In all of my reviewing, this is only the third book. And it deserves every one! Every. Single. One. This is one that will make people run around crazily going “ACK! I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED.” You guys have to grab this. Like seriously. I mean, I have a wide taste and…think of this as an epic Divergent. With more science that sounds like magic. I’m not kidding.

With a stunning MC, swoony love interests, and evilly awesome antagonists, it’s definitely one for everyone who loves strong leads. Which is, you know, everyone! There were so many secrets I was suspicious of everyone and the world building was…magic. Sciencelly magic. Pick it up, you will not regret it!