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Glitch - Heather Anastasiu Starting with the bad and ending in the good, Glitch had horrible, horrible, romance qualities. It seemed insta-love-ish because of the fact that after only what? A few hours she met Adrien, they were already making out. Good lord, spare me. She seemed to feel a “connection” despite the fact that she had barely known him. Honestly, I wanted to strangle some sense into her. And then, afterwards when her memory’s gone (totally not a spoiler. You’ll see when you read it) she’s suddenly the apple of another guy’s eye who loves her. *cough* AWKWARD. And she goes along with it, never mind the fact that it feels…wrong. So, you guessed it. LOVE TRIANGLE.

But while the romance really irked me, I actually liked Glitch! It, honestly, would’ve been so much better without the romance, but the world-building, the characters, the plot—they were all things I enjoyed reading about. The world-building was amazing and the way that each hard drive was wired in and how the Link controlled the people were amazing. The descriptions didn’t confuse me (much. Trust me, I’m totally lost on all this tech stuff). And I loved that the Link would hold of your emotions and that it made all color gray. I’m not sure if that symbolized anything…? But still. Love the world.

The characters! I can say I related to Zoe a lot. I mean, can you imagine not being able to feel anything? Not being able to see color? I could definitely relate to craving all that, despite being told all my life that it was wrong and abominable. Adrien was as great a character as Zoe and I think they were perfect together! Smiles…definitely. Characters were one of my favorite things about Glitch!

Plot? The plot was so…twisty. I mean, you had absolutely no idea who to trust. The good guys were bad, the bad guys were good. It was just AGH. But it made Glitch so much better! It’s like, you knew someone would stab Zoe in the back, but with all these people involved, you had no idea who! And the plot twists. Oh My God, the plot twists! I had to (well, in my literary mind) run to catch up with them! I was like, plo twist after plot twist which , usually, would be annoying. And yet, for some reason, I enjoyed it in Glitch!