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Unremembered - Jessica Brody Unremembered was a bit...weird for me. It's one of those books that was so sweet when you read it, but when you start thinking, it loses it's beauty. Which, I guess, is now a natural reaction after reviewing pretty much everything I read. I am now off topic.

So my initial thought after finishing was how amazing Unremembered was! The romance was beyond adorable, first of all! I loved their romance especially since Shakespeare happened to play a rather big role in it and that definitely scored brownie points!

The plot was skillfully written so that little actually happened (well, compared to other books) through a short period of time, but you never get bored! It was hilarious when our main character didn't know some words, though, and I definitely loved it when we met new characters along the way! It was definitely a fun read that kept me reading! It was a bit typical sometimes, though, and was awfully predictable at times.

The sci-fi was definitely light on this book, which I appreciated since it usually confuses me, but somehow it still managed to slightly confuse me and leave a ton of plot holes too. There were key pieces missing and most of our questions which I felt should've been answered, weren't. It was pretty disappointing since I really wanted to find out more about all the...stuff going on.

In case you haven't noticed, this is possibly one of the most vague reviews ever. If I spoil one thing, I spoil everything.

But Unremembered was pretty typical. Evil company, a science project, forbidden, unexpected love, escaping...pretty typical. It sort of saddened me though, since the premise was so exciting and I love Jessica Brody's contemporary works! But even the tag line didn't really fit. "The only thing worse than forgetting her past...is remembering it." We never really got why remembering it was so bad. But that cliffhanger! Literally!