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Death, Doom and Detention - Darynda Jones I honestly think I've fallen in love with this series. Seriously! This is one of my favorite angel/demon stories! And that's a hard list to top.

Death, Doom, and Detention was a perfect sequel for me and I loved it (almost) as much as Death and the Girl Next Door! My only complaint was that there were a few crucial things to the plot at Lorelei didn't mention until, oh my, it came back to bit her in the butt. I reall wanted to strangle Lorelei for "forgetting" a few very important details.

Now the absolute best thing was Lorelei and her snark. She made me laugh out loud so many times, I think a few of my classmates may think I'm schizophrenic. (I may be exaggerating. Maybe) She was a hilarious character that definitely didn't seem like our typical (sometimes whiny) heroines. She was a lot more reluctant and a lot more wary than what you usually seein books and I definitely appreciated that!

The relationships between the characters were definitely a thing of fascination! There was definitely a ton of tension present and the way they all reacted to each other was fun to read about. You could just feel the animosity in the book's atmosphere and I definitely had to hand it to Darynda--she managed to write unique characters who both made you sit up straighter in shock and make you laugh out loud!

The plot was predictable in some parts, but was, for the most part, completely unexpected! Jones always manages to throw something right in your face once you think everything's fine and settled--I'm still deciding if I love it or hate it!

Taking a usually overused paranormal element, Darynda Jones manages to write a completely unique story about a girl who's lost in her own way, an angel who's darker than he seems, and a prophecy that's scaring everyone and anyone. It seems like your typical story, but it's far from it!