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The Collector - Victoria Scott I had no freaking idea what I was getting into when I started this. No. Freaking. Idea. Honestly? I was maybe expecting some big cheesy romance with a few paranormal elements thrown in. But it was SO much more.

There's really only one way to kick off this review: Dante. His name alone should make you swoon! But his swagger and his attitude? It'll charm you and keep you laughing! Who cares if he's a reaper from hell--he's DANTE. He's a naughty influence and it was interesting seeing things from his POV. It changed things up a bit, and gave us a fresher view on a usually typical paranormal romance. His sarcasm and wit is, by far, his most endearing traits. Not counting physically of course...
Charlie was an interesting character. At first, I pretty much felt the way Dante did--she was pathetic, desperate, in need of quite a few makeovers. But there was just something about her that was brought to life in these pages and I adored her character so much after a few chapters! She was just, if she were real, one of those people I'd instantly want to protect. To repeat Dante's thoughts, she was so INNOCENT in a sort of cute way.

And OMG their romance. Dante just fell EVER so slowly while Charlie was basically in love at first sight. Too bad Dante didn't feel the same way then! But it was adorable seeing how Charlie became more than just a promotion scheme to him, more of a person, more of someone he wanted to protect and love. It. Was. So. Damn. Sweet.

I want a Dante.
Without the drama.

What I found interesting about this were the...unique rules of Heaven and Hell. A lot of things came into play that aren't usually used in an angel/demon book, but I have to give it to Scott--she handled it beautifully. Or, rather, witfully. Which is totally a word. The paranormal elements were interesting and definitely wasn't overshadowed by the romance like I'd expected! It's a captivating read--and watching how Dante operated were really interesting bits. ;)

There were a TON of plot twists I honestly never saw coming and sometimes I just had to stop reading and collect my thoughts. Dante was an overpowering antihero! Who totally had me swooning at the first page. Back in topic, the plot was well executed and OHMYGOSH I just loved it!