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The Rules for Disappearing - Ashley Elston This was simply amazing! I knew it sounded interesting, but I honestly wasn't sure whether I'd love it or hate it, or have no feelings at all. But I'm SO glad to say that The Rules of Disappearing had me captivated from start to finish!

I think this is a blend of a Thriller and a Romance. It was adorable, but there was a definite edge to the plot that made you aware that this was also a Thriller in it's own way, but it wasn't quite as Oh-my-gosh what's going to happen? thrilling. It was just it's own style which I loved!

I'm just putting this in now, but we discover the real reason their in the Witness Protection Program a little less than halfway through the book and the rest is...well, you'll have to figure it out!
I loved the pacing in The Rules for Disappearing; it fit the book perfectly and I never got bored and never wanted to put it down! And I didn't. It's a one sit-one read book! But while it was never slow, the action significantly picks up in the second half and that's where the pages turn faster and faster until the end, where helllooooo cliffhanger!

The romance in this was, like I said, completely adorable! I was in love with Ethan from the start and I was cheering them on since page one! Every time Meg would push him away, I wanted to push them closer together--they just fit each other like little pieces of a puzzle, excuse the cliche, and together, they were just wonderful!

Ethan was a mix of sweet golden boy with just a little bad boy and just the type of character I loved as a love interest. He was so nice to Mary and so concerned for Meg and incredibly, incredibly clever. Surprised me for sure! Here's a slight SPOILER: He figures everything out on his own, which is more than I can say for some characters, so there was that!

Meg was a character that's easy to like and easy to connect with. She's hungry for answers and she loves her family, despite all their dysfunctions--she just doesn't always realize it. She tries to do what's best for others and she strives to be indifferent--something that we know firsthand isn't easy. Falling in love, getting comfrotable, making friends--all against her Rules for Disappearing. But then, she can't really help herself!

The Rules for Disappearing is it's own unique book that fans of Chick Lit and Mystery will enjoy, also giving off a type of fantasy vibe without the actual fantasy! If you're looking for an edgy, but light read, this is definitely the one I'd recommend!