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Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire Okay, so after my review of Beautiful Disaster, I'm not quite sure why I was so desperate to read this, or why I requested. I guess it was the "addictive" part! And yet, what I happened to like reading in Beautiful Disaster seemed to be completely gone in Walking Disaster.

So, I don't want to be mean, but Walking Disaster was so cheesy and so cliché. I cringed so much and had to roll my eyes. In the prologue, Travis is a little boy and his mom's dying. And her final words to her son? "Fight for what you love." and then he's told "she will always be with you, even if you can't see her." I guess that could be sweet, but it's just so overused and it was basically that. There was no originality, honestly, in this book (in the prologue and in general.)

Walking Disaster was, for me, more of a highlight of why Beautiful Disaster was so awkward for me. I always felt like Travis was a bit crazy, and seeing the story from his point of view pretty much confirmed it. He was such a horrible person and their relationship was definitely more dysfunctional in this version than the other. Travis had so many anger issues and it was so frustrating. I mean, I'd like my boyfriend to get a little jealous, but punching a guy who was just talking? I can see why Abby got angry at him. But Travis saw absolutely nothing wrong with his actions, which made me want to slam my face into my table a few times. I hate to be so snarky, but...

Anyways. Something I seemed to forget about Beautiful Disaster was how indecisive Abby was. She'd argue with him, yell at him, and then do a few dirty things with him. Awkward. I really couldn't get used to that at all and it was a bit disturbing. Meep.

So I'm really not a fan of this series, but if you are I guess you'd enjoy it. It was...huh. I have no words to describe it in it's fullness. Well, I really wouldn't recommend the series, though you may like it if you're into the whole break up thing. Similar books? I can only think Crash by Nicole Williams!