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Poison - Bridget Zinn This book was amazing and definitely different. Even before deciding I wanted to read it, I was told that it was a lighter read and more innocent, even with the potions and witchery and assassination attempts! Of course, I didn't quite believe them. But then, there was a pig. But then, it still wasn't quite enough to convince me. I'm sorry!

Because now, I totally get what they meant. This may be the genre where most books are bloody and deadly, but that definitely wasn't the case with Poison. It was more...deception than war, I guess. Does that make sense? Of course not. It's me we're talking about.

But all you need to know was that this was seriously adorable and amazing. And if that put you off (like it did a bit for me--I'm more of a suspicion and evil kind of girl...that sounded a bit sinister), take a chance! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I just adored this! It's sweet and innocent and SO REFRESHING. No matter how many times I say that, I think that's the most true it's ever been. I've been reading so many dark books, it's a bit of a relief to read something that's just fun!

The characters were wonderfully written as well! I loved Kyra who was such an...interesting character to read about. She was feisty and she was actually pretty indifferent and cold in the beginning story. She was willing to kill her best friend for her kingdom and that was pretty...sacrificial. Fred was seriously my favorite character in this book! He was the fun one who I'd associate with the pig, actually, not the wolf we meet him with. Also, I love their first meeting! Talk about hilarity!

I love the way this story was told! We start after the assassination attempt and as we go on, we read about Kyra's memories, so it was like reading two storylines at once--the time leading up to the assassination attempt, and the escape afterwards. Surprisingly, it wasn't choppy either, like I'd usually expect. The two stories fit together seamlessly and created an immensely enjoyable read!

The only thing that I didn't love was that there were some random things that popped up. Why did Arlo do what he did? What did he get out of it? It's like he had 2 plans and they really just cancelled each other out...but I can't explain this without ruining it! And the Gypsy caravan just popping out of nowhere was a bit startling too, and a bit too convenient really.