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Life After Theft - Aprilynne Pike (THIS ACCIDENTALLY POSTED IN MARCH. ACK.)
I absolutely loved the Wings series, so when I heard Apprilynne Pike was writing another book? OF COURSE I had to read it! I was a bit wary of it at first, because this honestly didn't sound like my kind of book. I'm not one who usually enjoys the haunting-but-not-creepy kind of stories, but it was Apprylinne Pike! I shouldn't have doubted--she told this story almost flawlessly!

Life After Theft is one of those stories that has such flawed characters that we can easily relate to or recognize in our friends or society. Jeff may have been the main character, but the supporting characters definitely had an important spot in the plot, and I loved how deeply woven in the plot they were!

Speaking of the plot, I just loved it! I kept biting my nails, scared that they would get caught, or something. I didn't expect the slight mystery that was involved. There were a ton of secrets that revolved around these prep schoolers and I was just dying to figure it out! And I didn't expect any of it.

Romance...eh. In the beginning I sort of wanted to slam Jeff's face in the wall for being attracted to Sera immediately and really only because of her good looks. After a while though, I absolutely adored the interactions between the two because they were just so perfect for each other! (Also, guys really do seem have a one track mind.) I sort of thought he'd be attracted to Kimberlee from the synopsis but I definitely couldn't have been more wrong! The banter brings a sort of comic relief, but also holds a tone of suspense.

Reading from a guy's POV was definitely different and made things a lot more hilarious! apprylinne Pike has done it again--and with a completely different genre! It's not guaranteed that you'll love it if you're a fan of the Wings series, but I definitely think it's 90% possible! I absolutely love her writing and this definitely wasn't an exception!