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The End Games - T. Michael Martin The End Games was...completely unexpected. It was such a hopeless, bleak kind of book and really, really depressing. No matter what they did, it felt like Michael and Patrick would be running forever, and never really live without fear.

Actually, I think depressing was sort of an understatement.

The plot and the writing were two of the top things for me (that, and the sort of twist on the zombie apocalypse.) Right from the beginning of the bat, we learn two things. A) just how dangerous the world is, and just how desolate it is now, and B) things are already changing and getting creepier. Their were so many action scenes and so many twists that had me gasping and stunned. And, waning, a lot of deaths.

I rarely talk about voice in my reviews, but it was like you were in Michael's mind, not just as a narrator! The way the story was told is phenomenal and the writing was superb (I love that word.) You could just feel Michael's nervousness, his fear throughout the entire book.

The characters, though, were not my favorite. I'd say they annoyed me, but I mainly felt a bit impartial to them. If one died, I honestly didn't care. They weren't relatable to me, though they might be to some, and I got so irritated by all the lying. I mean, I could understand. The world pretty much ended, after all. But Michael kept lying all to raise hope, knowing it wouldn't last. It was horrible of him and I wanted to sock him in the face.

And onto the zombies (I found it funny that people didn't call them Zombies. They did live in this century, but no one thought to call them zombies?). I loved discovering about the disease that brought them back to life, it's origin, and it's purpose. There was a lot of thought out into this worldbuilding and it was fascinating.

The End Games is a game of survival, and the rules are being broken. With twists or attacks around every corner, there's almost no one to trust, but all the more reason to take a chance. The ending was perfect for the book! I just wish we could've seen an epilogue!