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Belladonna - Fiona Paul Wow. Oh wow oh wow oh wow. I can not describe how much I love Belladonna, but I promise to do my best. Let me just say though, that I finished this in the morning at school, then put it in my locker (after squealing so much!) so that it wouldn't be harmed, right? During my entire first period, I couldn't stop thinking about the going ons of Belladonna and went to my locker ASAP to read it again! I never reread books right after finishing. Moral of the story? Belladonna is a must-read, Venom is a must read, you all MUST READ THEM. They're seriously heartbreaking sometimes, and I wanted to cry. A lot.

Cass definitely sounds like a noble woman dead-set on her goal. She had all the makings and morals of a noble woman, except she had some definite spunk in her that makes you love her instantly! Honestly, she hasn't changed a bit since Venom, though she's definitely wiser and less naive than before. She's still a strong character, in my opinion, but there's definitely a lot of vulnerability on her side in Belladonna. And the things that brought her down? Oh, I wanted to cry.

Falco. There was a LOT of Falco in Belladonna, thank God. I just...the extent of my love for him is immeasurable. Even with what's happened in this book. He was just as heartbreaking as before, just as swoon worthy as before, and just as sweet as before. But there's an edge to it, now that she's on a mission to save Luca. But, you guys, he still helps her, and they made me feel a heart tug. Falco still helped her because it's what she wanted and I...I...so, if Cass goes with Luca, can I have Falco? Just asking, of course.
But, just in case you wanted to be sure, Falco is all he was in Venom and so much more!

Luca wasn't really in Belladonna as much as I'd expected (sort of hoped? Sorry guys, I was thinking about Falco here!), but from what we do see from him, I think he's shaping up to be a guy who can almost, not quite, rival Falco in my eyes. He was just so incredibly sweet, willing to let Cass go if it meant she'd be happy. I honestly want my own Luca mixed with Falco. Yeesh, Fiona Paul definitely knows how to make guys we swoon about!

The writing? Do you even have to ask? the writing was just gorgeous! It never gave too much detail, but gave you enough so that you could clearly picture the scene in your head. And I'm no expert on Venice or the Renaissance (no matter what my parents want to believe), but everything felt historically correct at least, and that's pretty much what matters!

Compared to Venom, Belladonna was a very quick read. It went by and I had no idea how I was already halfway into the book! There was a giant twist to the usual historical--vampires. But, you guys, without fully spoiling anything, I'm pretty sure there was a stage during the Renaissance where people did believe in vampires. And don't worry, Belladonna stays purely historical, thank goodness! But it was a fast plot that was quickly delivered that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Belladonna is definitely one of my favorite sequels, ever! Engaging characters, a quick plot, and amazing writing, Secrets of the Eternal Rose is definitely going to be your next favorite series!