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The Beginning of Everything - Robyn Schneider Oh my gosh. I have absolutely no words for this. Like, none. At all.
Okay, so maybe I have many a few words.

"I still think that everyone’s life, no matter how unremarkable, has a singular tragic encounter after which everything that really matters will happen."

I absolutely adored The Beginning of Everything (though I did love it's old title so much more). I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I started reading, but it certainly wasn't this. There were a lot of tragedies that we faced in this novel and this book hurt. Not in the way that makes me sob, or the one that makes me feel like I just got stabbed. The words just flowed under my skin and it was a dull ache, the kind that hangs in the back of your mind. There's a lot of philosophical thought in this and I could instantly relate to the sayings. It shows how each event can all be traced to a turning point, how everyone ends up linked in one way or another, and how different the world can look when you just change your perspective.

"That moment is the catalyst—the first step in the equation. But knowing the first step will get you nowhere—it’s what comes after that determines the result."

The story itself was beyond beautiful too. And yet, so incredibly tragic! I did expect part of the big twist--but the other? It completely broke my heart. I didn't expect it at all and it...oh my gosh. Cassidy...I couldn't blame her for much really. As much as I sometimes wanted to shake her, she had good reasons, undeniably sad ones, but still reasons. I adored Cassidy though. She had a lot on her shoulders, and she bore it, until she just couldn't. But she was a quirky, fun type of girl who had that sarcastic wit we love. At the same time, though, she understood things that people usually don't. She was a complex character who was just perfect. Or, perfectly flawed, rather.
Ezra was a flawed character too, in a different way. He had a habit of running away, something I don't think he really noticed until it was pointed out. But he had a snarky attitude that matched Cassidy's perfectly, and I loved that!

"I leaned over and placed the crown of flowers onto her head, letting my hands linger in her hair just a moment more than was necessary."
The romance was so sweet and so deep. You could immediately tell the difference between their slow burn compared to the quick flare of high school romances. But theirs was, from the start, a tragedy. It was a heartfelt kind of love and one that made me smile at every scene. It was clear they understood each other on a different level. Things were real with these two and you just hoped that it would work itself out!

"We move through each other’s lives like ghosts, leaving behind haunting memories of people who never existed."

Here are two things I agree with regarding the book-
1) This story truly is about the Beginning of Everything. Can't elaborate on that without spoilers though!
2) There've been comparisons of this book to John Green's book--and I can agree with that in full confidence. The Beginning of Everything was sad and comical, touching and funny, and all around stunning. Fans of his will definitely love this book. Because, in the end, it's a book about loss and how to deal with it.

P.s. My only complaint was that what the epilogue hinted at was a bit far fetched to me and I didn't like it. Also, the beginning was a tad slow.