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Reboot - Amy Tintera I've been absolutely aching over this title and I was beyond excited to get this from Edelweiss! Kickass assassin heroines and a dystopian society? Oh my gosh, yes. And Reboot didn't really disappoint!

The world first line immediately grabs your attention and the first chapter just hooks you right in. It was impressive and I loved seeing how the society worked and what it was like for Reboots. It was strange though, that they were supposed to be less human which I take to mean more emotionless, but they definitely felt annoyance and hatred and all. Though if we're just calling them monsters, then that was definitely a sort of accurate description. I sort of wish we'd learned more about the virus though!

I loved Wren's character. She was so kickbutt and independent and I loved that! I enjoyed seeing her character evolve and have her gain some more emotion along the way, though it was a bit annoying having this amazing, strong character become a lovesick one within pages. Thankfully, she got back on her feet after a few chapters!
Callum was an interesting character who, at first irritated me. I get that killing humans didn't seem right to him, but he had to have understood that it was either his (and Wren's) life or the criminal's. I did eventually warm up to him, but it definitely took a while. Though it was definitely amusing reading his little quips!

For a book like this, it's no surprise that the action was completely unbelievable. It was quick paced and left you absolutely breathless! There weren't many twists, but for a book like this, it honestly didn't need any! I loved seeing their *spoiler* escape and how resourceful they could be. The action scenes were vivid and absolutely grasping!

The only thing I didn't like at all, was the romance. Like I said, Wren was such a strong character, but fell so quickly. It was pretty much insta love. She couldn't get him out of her mind, and he was suddenly everywhere. Then she breaks her routine and trains him instead of her usual higher numbers. It was irritating and it may have something to do with why Callum annoyed me at first.

This was definitely a thrilling read that captured my attention immediately. It was fun and definitely one I'd recommend! The ending leaves you aching for more, though it doesn't immediately cut you off. It shows us what humanity is and that we can believe any lies if given just a small amount of proof. It has a faint underlying sense of emotion and, mixing that with the thrill and the anticipation of the plot, this book is definitely a great debut that dystopian fans should prepare themselves for!