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The Rules - Stacey Kade The Rules was really a great read and, if it'd been a contemporary, would've received a full five stars, but as a sci-fi, it lacked a bit. We never saw much of Ariane's alien side or much of her powers, except for a few occasions. It didn't really play a major role until maybe the last part of the book, though, and that was a bit disappointing. We also never really understood much about her...condition, which was also one of the setbacks. I do think that the book set up the sequel nicely for a hardcore sci-fi novel though! So I'm definitely anxious for book 2!

This book, at first, really sounded like a giant revenge plot going on. It was definitely interesting, but another thing that made it seem more contemporary than sci-fi...so there was that.

Ariane was definitely a great character! She was an easy character to understand and I loved reading from her POV. There's no count for how many times sympathy welled up in me for her. Always having to hide, always having to be careful. And having such a bee (I ban myself from cussing) as a best friend. She was definitely a strong and fiery character who hated standing back. She was stubborn and always believed in doing what she was right, and was so adamant in doing the right thing, even when it just stabbed her back.

Our love interest was also pretty cute! I'm always one for character changes and Zane seemed to have gone through a pretty rough one when his mom left. Suddenly he's not as cruel or ignorant as his friends and he really did see Ariane. Their romance was absolutely adorable and sometimes I just wanted to scream and tell him what Ariane was hiding. He was worried without being completely overbearing which is something I've realized happens a lot in these kind of books! He pried away her slowly built up wall and it was wonderful seeing them fall in love!

The plot was definitely unpredictable. I was surprised time and time again and, while it didn't help with the sci-fi, I do love a good revenge plot! The ending chapters were some of my favorite though! For reasons I can not say. But they were super good and I loved the plot! It definitely kept me on my toes!

The Rules was an amazing book and one I wouldn't mind recommending over and over! There's definitely a great set up for the sequel and I can't wait to get my hands on it!