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Spirit and Dust - Rosemary Clement-Moore Spirit and Dust is just an amazing book! Possibly one of my favorite paranormal/fantasy I've read in a while! It had...everything. Great worldbuilding, an ingenious plot, twists I couldn't imagine, a great main character, and a swoony love interest.

What surprised me about Spirit and Dust was that was that instead of just using regular paranormal elements, like magic, witchcraft, werewolves, vampires, etc., the main element was Egyptian mythology! Which I think tied a little perfectly with what we learn about the "paranormal" world Daisy introduces us to. The worldbuilding for this was spectacular, why shades were called "remnants" instead of "ghosts, the rules of the afterworld, all that! The only thing I had a complaint about was that we were told that the soul was cut into 3 parts, when I learned that it was 7. So that was a bit weird for me!

Daisy was such a snarky character! I adored her! She was such a...well, teenager and it was relatively easy to connect with her, despite her freaky powers! She was hilarious and I adored reading from her POV! Not to mention, the Remnants also brought a bunch of humor to the story, as well as her little banters with Carson, our swoony love interest! He had a few secrets of his own, which, by the way, I did not expect at all. He was arrogant and sweet and everything in between! Made better with the fact that it was a pretty slow romance and wasn't all "we're completely destined to be together", thank goodness!

Crazy things that I never expected had already happened before the half mark of the book and I had no clue what could happen next! I read this in one sitting, in the middle of the night, and every time my eyelids would droop, some giant twist happened and I would be completely unable to put it down! It had me wide eyed and literally flipping through the pages! I was absolutely dying (pun intended) to find out what happened next!