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Venom - Fiona Paul HOLY GUACAMOLE. This book was awesome. Full out blow my mind awesome. The book, characters, plot, they all stayed with me for days, weeks, after I read it. I am so happy I got a copy!

The World:
The world of Venom made me felt as if it was fantasy somehow. The descriptions of Venice were absolutely enchanting and the fact that underneath the beautiful waterways and glittering jewels there were grave robbers, illicit meetings, and murdered women...well, let's just say if I hadn't already been absolutely caught up in the book, I was then. The way that Fiona Paul weaves her world is spectacular and magical.

The Characters:
Let's start with Cass. I absolutely adored Cass! Unlike a lot of other heroines in historical, she doesn't use extreme measures to get out of an engagement. Sure she wasn't exactly ecstatic, but she accepted it. Cass was adventurous, brave, and willing. Not to mention stubborn and insanely protective of her friends.
Falco! MEEP! Falco was definitely the boy I was rooting for. With his dark looks and scandalous suggestions, I found myself laughing, giggling, and falling hard right there with Cass. My heart was in my throat at one point where Cass and Falco were...not exactly at good odds.

The Plot:
The plot had twists and turns that I never would've believed in other circumstances. I would think one thing and Fiona Paul would tell me something else. You have no idea how many times my mouth popped open in shock.
What struck me as different than other Historical fictions though, was the fact that it wasn't as...boring as others. Venom was so much more scandalous and had more action, romance, than others and that definitely made me love Venom all the more.

Venom is a must read for any YA reader who's looking for something new and fun. I found myself sucked into this world filled with mystery, romance, and intrigue and couldn't pull myself out until the last page was read. Fiona Paul somehow made me love one genre I usually avoided and I hope I find more novels as wonderfully written as this!